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Dongguan Kexin Electron Co., Ltd. is specializing in the production of the printed circuit board (PCB) equipment and accessories. We provide maintenance services for all products which produced by our company. In order to be a good supplier with diversified products and the most influence in the PCB market, Kexin is keep growing up with the market and focus on the advanced technology in PCB industry.
Our company has passed the review of China Printed Circuit Association (CPCA) and jointed them in 2007. In order to provide the best service for the customers from east of China, we set up an office in Kunshan Jiangsu province in 2009. Now we are the VIP of Alibaba and wish cooperate with the factories all over the world. We are sure we can provide satisfactory products and service. Welcome to contact with us for anything you need. Jan.1, 2015, set up Kexin Electronics (HK) Industrial Limited in Hongkong, China.
To ensure that our products can achieve all the requirements from customers, we bought the advanced numerical control equipment and testing instruments. we also have excellent designers and engineers to make sure we can service customer well. we have built efficient logistics and distribution systems which can timely and effective to support the production. So we are willing to establish relations with  every PCB manufacturers or other partners in the same field basis on mutual banefits.
We are committed to innovation, providing high quality equipments and accessories. A the same time we would like to undertake more social responsibility. Kexin is a learning company. We pay cost of training for our workers to improve their ability to serve company and customers.
Our CEO have joined in the Guangdong Lions Club which is a charity organization who has done a lot of rescue like help the disabled,  support poor student, contribute money for disaster like earthquake, flood and so on. At the same time, Kexin encourages employees to be as volunteers and take part in volunteer activities, to transfer social positive energy.
In a word, Kexin team is willing to win a better progress and develop with all the friends. 

The Main Product / Service:
Equipment:  PCB Routing machine, V-CUT machine, PCB Drilling & Milling machine (Aluminum Plate Special), Thickness Measuring Instrument.
Accessories: PCB exposure machine parts and wet process equipment parts; PCB Hitachi drilling machines parts, PCB Hitachi routing machine parts: Drilling machine collets, Routing machine collet, drilling machine gripper (machine Robot), drilling machine air cylinder, routing machine cylinder, drilling machine pressure foot cup, routing machine pressure foot cup, AEMG routing machine sensor, tool measuring, Hitachi tool measuring, gripper  sensor, fiber, Timax dust cover, drilling machine tool change, routing machine tool change, pressure foot brush, vacuum brush, routing brush, dust cover(paper tiger), pressure foot pad, machine brush .etc.
Service: PCB drilling and routing Maintenance, spindle repair;
Custom:  Welcome customize with drawing or sample.
The Company Goal: Being NO.1 in PCB industry. Win trust from customers. Make sure workers improve.

Job relevant benefits:
1.Business Hours: Monday-Saturday, 8:00am-5:30 pm(GMT+8)
2.Accommodation: Provide canteen and dormitory, subsidize for not in dormitory.
3.Traffic allowance: provide the spring festive traffic fee for our workers.
4.Social insurance: industrial injury, medical treatments and pension, and also company pay in full of accident insurance. 
5.Birthday sympathy: when worker’s birthday , Company will give the birthday sympathy.
6.Mid-Autumn festive sympathy: before the holiday, company will send the mooncake to workers’ family.
7.Health check: every year, will organize workers to check-up, and company will pay the fee.
8.Funded Problem: Will provide the worker the sponsor Personal skill fee (such as learn driving,)
9.Training: will cognize training in company or outer regularly, and company will pay full. 
10.Paid vocation: depend on regulations and will have paid vocation.
11.Starts bonus: The spring festive holiday after, and at the first work day, will give the bonus.
12.Annual company trip: depend on regulations and will cognize worker trip, and company will pay all of fee. 
13.Year-end bonus: Depend on sales result, and will give the year-end bonus.

We are looking for people like you because of company development.
1.Head of Foreign Trade
Quantity: 2 
Gender: No limited.
Necessary skills/qualities: 
1)Need more than 2 year of foreign trade or sales management experience;
2)Know how to develop overseas market and manage foreign trade team; 
3)Can frequently use B2B back office, such as;
4)Bachelor degree or above in International economics & trade or relevant degree, and with CET 6 or above certificate
5)Excellent English ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing. 
2.Head of tread
Quantity: 2 
Gender: No limited.
Necessary skills/qualities: 
1)Need more than 2 year of trade or relevant experience. 
2)Good communication, easy-going and team spirit. 
3)Can lead and manage team members create new customer, and complete the sales target from company.
4)Priority admission, someone worked in this industry before.
3.Foreign trade sales
Quantity: 3 
Gender: No limited.
Necessary skills/qualities: 
1)Need more than 1 year of foreign trade experience;
2)With CET-4 or above certificate, familiar with the whole trading process and selling skills.
3)Can develop customer and place the order independently. 
Quantity: 5 
Gender: No limited.
Necessary skills/qualities:
1)Need more than 1 year of telesales experience in electron, hardware, plastic, direct sales, insurance or others;
2)Good communication, easy-going, team spirit and loyalty; 
3)Salary : basic + performance bonus+ deduct 
4)Welcome excellent fresh graduate (company will nurture, can choose work at Dongguan,Guangdong or  Kunshan,Jiangsu)
Quantity: 5 
Gender: female.
Necessary skills/qualities:
1)Good expression ability, easy-going and cultural literacy;
2)Need more than 1 year of telesales experience in direct  sale, telesales, insurance or sales. 
3)Salary : basic + performance bonus+ deduct 
4)Welcome excellent fresh graduate (company will nurture, can choose work at Dongguan,Guangdong or  Kunshan,Jiangsu)
Quantity: 2 
Gender: No limited.
Necessary skills/qualities:
1)Great at how to produce the pneumatic components, and knowledge of electronic, mechanical, vacuum and their production process. 
2)Need more than 2 years of relevant experience. 
7.CNC mechanic
Quantity: 5 
Gender: male 
Age: 20-28 
Necessary skills/qualities:
1)Can understand the mechanic drawing; 
2)Need more than 1 year of CNC experience.
8.Office clerk 
Quantity: 1 
Gender: No limited
Age: 22-30
Necessary skills/qualities:
1)Secondary school degree or above;
2)Working carefully, full of sense of responsibility;
3)Priority admission, someone can deal with network promotion and photoshop.
4)Job location: Kunshan, Jiangsu
9.Apprenticeship of CNC
Quantity: 2
Gender: male
Necessary skills/qualities:
1)Secondary school degree or above;
2)Major: Numerical control major or electrical integration;
3)Honest, hard working and self-motivated;
4)Do not need work experience.


Contancts: Ms. Fu 
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Add.: Room 46-48, Section C, Dinghao Square, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City ,Guangdong Province ,China.
How to find us; at the Zhitong station, take the bus No.6/ No.29,  and get off Puyuan road station. 
Welcome to join in Kexin Electron, in there, you will work with excellent like yours. Shape more successful future.