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There is no perfect person, only the perfect team

admin:kexin post time:2016-09-29 16:23
   Our company holds a group outreach activities in September, all company staff are actively involved in the game. We learn and practice how to play in the game, we from newbie to the master; we can fix our disadvantages and improve our skill by this process. At this game, it was how to find our disadvantages and how to update our skill, to the better one that we can study from this outreach activity.  
   Everyone showed a high passion to the activity. Everyone try to into the team again as we do not know anyone before it. We actively participate in every part. We try to offer all the power to make our team to be the No.1. After the game, we all fell we are big family, we all want to adopt our colleague to be our best friend, maybe we have some problem each other, but at this moment, we feel we can do anything, we are the one people, we can give them our backside and they will been the best backup for us.
   In the team, everyone is important, but we must end the individualism. Teamwork is the key to win the game with the coordination and tacit understanding. If we want to have a good team, we must pay attention to the balance between members. As a member of the team, we cannot just want to show how strength we are. We must have the overall awareness and vision to service to the whole team better. As working, everyone work at different areas, we need to learn cooperate with each others. That is a quality requisite to be a nice employee
   Teamwork spirit is included three aspects: first, the relationship between the team and members. Team members have strong sense of belonging to the team, the team is like a “home” to the team members, They will give their own future to the team. They want to struggle for the interests of the team. They will put the interests of the team ahead of their own interests.
Second, The relationship of team members. Team members will cooperation and benefit sharing, mutual tolerance between each other. We collaborate each on work, care for each in life. Team members will be harmony, strong cohesion with each, they will fight for the pursuit of team's overall performance.
Third, the attitude of the team members on team affairs. Team spirit to teach the team member goes all out in team affairs. Team fully arouses the enthusiasm, initiative, creativity of members. Let members participate in the management and decision. Then team members will conscientious and energetic, permeated, enthusiasm dealing with a team of things.
   We are a team, we are a big family on the work. We need to work together and cooperate. Team members must have nice communication with the colleagues to finish your job and be the best man for the company. We all believe we are best team and we will go further and better  
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